Good Morning fam! So as I watched this videos of Marshawn Lynch it took me to a spiritual aspect.

Marshawn is all of us who are walking in this wicked world who continuously are getting attacked from every angle by “reporters” aka (obstacles, financial issues, family issues, hardships, tribulations, hate, ect.) AND as they come we remain calm and remember that through it all we are thankful and grateful that we have a life to live and air to breath and JESUS to look to. Even as they approach Marshawn he begins to say “Oh yaw gonna try again huh” yaw gonna keep coming Huh” and then he mentally prepare himself where his peace is.

Being Grateful  #MarshawnING


iamMOREmovement, Inc will be partnering with Andrea Butler, creator of Sesi Magazine, to sponsor youngLadies this new year! Sesi Magazine is geared toward African American young ladies with the target age group of 13-19. The Magazine covers topics such as, college life, dating, health, entertainment, Music, careers, self- esteem and MORE. iamMOREmovement is looking for nominations for young ladies who would benefit from the magazine. iamMOREmovement will also be sponsoring as well as seeking other sponsors to cover subscription cost for one year! We are all excited for what new education guidance this magazine will bring to our young adults!FullSizeRenderIMG_4762IMG_4761


Im in the process of sharing with the my youth programs how important it is to be careful on these social networks.  I have had students of mine get arrested for posting similiar things this article talks about.  Talk to your children, youth, mentees and even most adults, about the importance of social media.  When used the wrong way it can be a horrible thing.  Social media is an addiction that people don’t talk about.  It’s real.  #imaTalkaboutIt

Addiction.. Not just drugs

I showed this video to my mentorship group today.  I wanted to see if they could figure out what the video was trying to communicate to them.  One of the things our Youth need to understand is that an addiction does not only come in the form of drugs and alcohol.  Addiction to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter “retweets and likes’ can be addictive too!   It was a sight to see at the end of this video when the man with the phone was in the same position of the “junkie” with the needle in his arm.  Lets make sure our young adults don’t get caught up in the social media addiction.  I shared with them how back in my time we actually had to communicate face to face.  We had to call the person we liked house and actually talk to thier parents first before we even talked to that person.  Times have changed and its up to us to make sure our children and people we mentor understand what REAL communication and interaction is. 

The Sexualization of Our Youth

Our youth are facing some of the toughest times of thier lives.  A mentorship program we do touch on these topics of women trying so hard to be what they see on television.  The males want to be what the rappers are talking about in thier songs.  Our youth need us more than ever right now.  America the Beautiful is showing a documentary on these topics called: The Sexualization of Our Youth.  I want to get a bus load of youth and take a trip to Philly and see this!!!  Looking to partner with some people and try to make it happen.  Hit me up!! “likes”


A few years back I had a student in my office explaining to me all her hardships. Her stories were heartbreaking and very hard to digest.  From that moment I knew I wanted to help but I honestly didnt know how.  What she needed were things I couldnt provide and the surrounding community lacked the resources for her.  It was at that moment I knew I had to further my education for students like this young lady that would walk through my doors in the future.  iamMOREmovement was created because of this student and I hope and pray that my partners and I can reach the resources for our young adults in need.  visit iamMOREmovement.org to see what the movement is looking to do.